Clicking on a record in the Results tab, will display the full description of the record on the Details tab. If there is only one result from a search this will immediately display on the Details tab.

- For Archives the details page will display all the public information about the record. This will vary from record to record. At the bottom of the display the hierarchy browser shows the chosen record in the context of the hierarchy above it in the catalogue. Clicking on the plus sign beside one of these descriptions will show other records that come immediately below it in the catalogue. Clicking on a record title further up the hierarchy will take you to the detail of that record. This is useful in understanding how a catalogue has been constructed and the context of the record found by your original search.

- In the Library catalogue you can choose between a Detail display and Catalogue card.

Browsing the records

In Details you will only see one record at a time. You can browse to the detailed display of other records from the search result by clicking the two inner arrows at the top of the record; with the outer arrows you’ll browse to the first or last record in the result.

Selecting records

Above the record, there is a checkbox. Click it to mark the record, and it will be included in your personal selection. That selection of data can be used later on (from the Selection tab) to print out. You deselect a record by clicking a marked checkbox again.

E-mail or Print the record

The currently displayed record can be e-mailed or printed: click the Print button in the column to the left, to do so. Exactly how this works will depend on the computer you are using.