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    Conveyance (lease & release): £1,032 (i) Richard Bosanquet & John D. Fatio of London, merchants. (ii) J. S.Langaigne of Grenada, planter, at present in London; (iii) Samuel Crawley of London, merchant.
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    20 Apr 1772
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    From: 1772 To: 1772
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    - - coffee plantation called La Creek in St. David's parish, Grenada, containing 7 quarres (= 22 acres); abutting E & N on lands of Eutache Marcielle; W & S on lands of Mr. Maclane (in right of Claude L. de La Touche); 12 negroes (listed); all messuages, mules, cattle, coffee shrubs; Witnesses: Henry Frassellon (?), Thomas Bennett.
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