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    Folio 140 - “dominus” Richard Stratton of Aspley Guyse made 12 Oct. pr. 17 Nov. 1557. “I bequeth my soule to allmightie God to our blessed lady and to all the holy company of heaven” and body to be buried in the chancel before the most blessed sacrament. To the mother church of Lincoln 4d.; to the parish church a canopy cloth to cover the blessed Sacrament, to buy a chalice 6s. 8d., to buy a mass book in a large volume and with fair print, also a “pertage” [porteforium] for the whole year of a fair print. Testator wills a trental of masses to be said for him, “as many as maye be in the day of my sepulture and the Reste of the masses to be sayd immediatly by the blacke Friers in London or els the Observantes”. He leaves a cow to be kept as a stock to pay for an annual obit in the church of Aspeley Gwyse, and the cow is to be given to testator’s kinsman William Stratton of Aspley , and on his death the cow to go to his assigns, to be let annually and of the rent 2s. 6d. to be paid to the parson or curate with 2d. to the clerk, and the rest of the annual rent to the poor people of the parish. To the poor people dwelling in Aspley 6s. 8d. To repair Sancte Bothulves lane which is to be railed 2d.. To the poor people in the parish of Wynsloo [Winslow, Bucks.] 6s. 8d. to be distributed by John Palmer senior and William Geiles of the same town. To the churchwardens of Wysloo 2 bushel of rye to sow the town land. He gives a cow as a stock for an annual obit to be kept for his parents John and Alis Stratton and for himself in parish church of Wynslow, and the cow is to be given to William Geiles of the same town, and after his death to his assigns, paying yearly for the cow 2s.. To the poor people in Husbonde Crowley 3s. 4d. to be distributed by Master the vicar and by Richard Carter of the same place. To the poor people of Wanden [Wavendon, Bucks.] 3s. 4d. to be distributed by the curate there and by testator’s kinsman Richard Crapthorne. To the poor people of Hulcott 2s. to be distributed by Master the parson and by Mr. Richard Chernoke. To the poor people of Salford 20d. to be distributed by Master the vicar and John Lowell of the same place. To the poor people of Woborne 3s. 4d. to be distributed by the curate and by Mr. Stawnton the bailiff. To every godchild 4d..To Thomas Stratton and to his wife and his daughter a sheep each, “and to the mainteyninge of his one bushell of wheatt, halfe a quarter of Rye and halfe a quarter of berly to make malte”.[sic] To every child of William Stratton’s a sheep or a ewe. To Alis the daughter of Thomas Stratton of Husbond Crowley a ewe. To every child of William Geiles of Wynsloowe a sheep. To every child of John Bottisford of Wynffild and of Thomas Stanbridge of Tebwarthe a sheep. To every child of John Maydbrey of Wanden [Wavendon] 4d. Testator’s poor kinsman William Cropthorne is to have the cow that his sister Agnes gave him, and a year old cow bullock and a ewe. To Richard Cropthorne a heifer with calf, he being contented that his brother William Cropthorne shall peaceably enjoy the cow that his sister Agnes gave him before she died, and if not, then William Cropthorne to enjoy the heifer.. To Francis/Frances Tedstill a ewe. To sir Michael Sheppard parson of Hulcott testator’s best long gown. To sir Thomas Byrde vicar of Crawley the best doublet. To Roger Broughe vicar of Salford the best cope. To sir Robert [blank] vicar of Cramffild the velvet cope. These four priests are asked to be at testator’s burial, if it is possible, and also to say a collect for his soul in their masses for the rest of their lives. Servant Joane Robertes to have his short gown instead of her livery, and to have also her whole year’s wages. Every servant to have a whole year’s wages, “as whosse wages appereth in my Comteynge booke”. The children of [blank] and Elizabeth his wife to have 4d. each, and their mother Elizabeth 12d.. To kinsman William Stratton of Asple Guyse his best ambling gelding. To every child of Henry Mathewes of Husbond Crowley, John Aberye and William Byrdesley 2d. each. Residue to said William Stratton of Aspley Guyse, who is sole executor, and the overseers are to be Mr. Edmund Ashepolle, Thomas Tedsell and Thomas Stratton of Husbond Craweley and William Geiles of Wynslowe , each to have 6s. 8d. for their work. Witnesses Edmund Ashepoole, Thomas Tedesell, Thomas Kentt, William Franklyne
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    12 October - 17 November 1557
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    From: 1557 To: 1557
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