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    Abstract of title (printed) of the British Land Company Ltd., to a freehold estate in the Parish of St. Paul...
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    From: 1809 To: 1856
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    Reciting; Conveyance £5,000 (i) Edward Hampson (ii) Leonard Hampson & wife Frances. (iii) John Thomas Dawson, Bedford (iv) Thomas Gadsby Wootton, clerk (reciting; 11/12 March 1781; 18/29 June 1786; 11/12 March 1789; enclosure award, 12 June 1797; allotment to John Hawes of 53ac 5p St.Pauls) (i) & (ii) to (iii) 24ac 13p, S. Pauls,(part of the allotment of 53ac 5p) abbutting east on land of (ii), south & south west ditto and on turnpike road to Clapham, Christie Skinner west & north west 23/24 Oct. 1809 J.T. Dawson died May 9 1850 at Clapham, intestate, leaving his son the Rev. John Frederick Dawson his heir Letters of Administration of personal estate of John Thomas Dawson granted to Rev. J.F. Dawson. 22 June 1850 Will of Rev. John Frederick Dawson appoints Rev. Richard William Fitzpatrick, Bedford, & Henry Wilson Sharpin, Bedford trustees, and after beqeathing personal estate and house at Brighton, devised all real & leasehold estate to trustees, to pay annuity of £200 to son William Henry Dawson and residue to wife during widowhood 1 March 1870 16 Oct 1870 testator died 4 Jan 1871 Rev. R.W.Fitzpatrick died. Appointment of trustee (i) H.W. Sharpin (ii) Rev. Jeremiah Wm. Haddock, Bedford, vicar of Clapham appointment of (ii) in place of Rev. Fitzpatrick 1 Oct. 1873 Plan (on conveyance of 23 Oct. 1882) Conveyance £4000 (i) H.W.Sharpin; J.H.Haddock (ii) Alice Dawson, Brighton, schoolmaster (i) to (iii) with consent of (ii) Property as before 23 Oct. 1882 Conveyance (i) R.B.Poole (ii) G.E.Langley (i) to (ii) since (ii) was the real purchaser in the foregoing conveyance 16 Nov 1882 Conveyance £3,700 (i) G.E.Langley (ii) Ada Mary Green, Broom Mead, Hampton Wick, Middlesex. plot (14 acres) St.Pauls (plan) with right of way over it. 20 Aug.1883 Conveyance £4,750 (i) A.M. Green (ii) British Land Company Ltd. plot (14ac) (plan) 21 Aug.1883 Statutory declaration of Ada Eliza Fuller, Piaiswick, Gloucester; she is grand-daughter of J.T.Dawson who married Mary Higson Leach at Goldington church; her father, John Frederick Dawson, late Clapham, was the eldest son of the marriage marriage & birth certificates (copies) 20 June 1883 Statutory declaration of James Pearse, Bedford, solicitor, that plan in margin is a tracing from the award map 10 Nov.1883 Abstract of portions of the Deed of settlement of the British Land Co.Ltd. 1856
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