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    Press Copy Abstract of Title of Henry Nix Clayton to 5 freehold cottages in Palace Street, Biggleswade and 2 freehold cottages in Shortmead Street, Biggleswade, abstracted by Hooper & Company of Biggleswade, solicitors, abstracting: (I) will of 17 Sep 1827 of William Brunt the elder of Biggleswade, gentleman: - devising to his son John Brunt his messuage in Langford Street and 6 cottages in Langford Street and other premises not subject of the abstract, charged with payment of legacy of 900 to his two daughters Mary Larkins and Sarah Mellor; - devising to Thomas McGrath, Robert Lindsell and William Larkins, his trustees, his dwellinghouses in Palace Yard, Biggleswade and two dwelling houses in Shortmead Street, Biggleswade in trust charged with annuity of 15 per annum for each of his grandchildren William and Sarah Brunt Perkins for their lives; upon trust for moiety for all children of his son, William Brunt as tenants in common; upon trust for his son John Brunt; - devising other hereditaments not the subject of this abstract to his trustees upon trust to raise the legacy of 900 and weekly sum of 1 to his wife, Elizabeth and son William for their joint lives; upon trust for all children of his son William as tenants in common; - bequeathing to his trustees900 upon trusts for his daughters etc.; - bequeathing 50 legacy to Thomas Perkins (II) death of William Brunt on 2 Jan 1828 (III) proof of will of William Brunt in PCC on 21 Jan 1828 (IV) death of William Larkins, survivor of the three trustees, on 20 Jun 1870 (V) death of Sarah Larkins Perkins, called Sarah Brunt Perkins in the will above, on 19 Feb 1885 (VI) death of William Perkins the annuitant on 17 Feb 1889 (VII) Conveyance of 10 Sep 1890 Parties: (1) Louisa Allen, Sarah Ann Brunt, William Perkins Brunt, Caroline Brunt, William Brunt, William White, William White, Elizabeth Sarah Race, Alice Maud Mary Bell, Helen Perkins, Emma Perkins, Mary Larkins Perkins; (2) Henry Nix Perkins Reciting: - will of William Brunt; - death and proof of will of William Brunt; - death of William Larkins and proof at Northampton DPR of his will by his executors and trustees John William Tebbutt and John Edwin Watts on 18 May 1871; - that John Edwin Watts "had become insolvent and had not been heard of since 1884 and was believed to have gone abroad"; - death of John William Tebbutt on 25 Mar 1885; - deaths of Sarah Larkins Perkins and William Perkins; - William Brunt junior had 9 children, 2 of whom had died in infancy before their grandfather's will and 2 of whom (Charles and Frederick) had died in infancy after their grandfather's will, and that the rest (William, John, Thomas Perkins, Mary Ann and Sarah) had attained 21; - death of William Brunt junior in Oct 1833 intestate, his eldest son William being his heir at law and entitled to the shares of the dead Charles and Frederick; - death of William Brunt the grandson on 4 Mar 1860 intestate leaving a widow Louisa Brunt (now Louisa Allen) and two children William, eldest son and heir at law and John; - death of great grandson William Brunt on 28 Mar 1878 intestate leaving a widow Sarah Ann Brunt and only son William Perkins Brunt who was his heir at law; - death of testator William Brunt's second son John on 18 Dec 1862 intestate without widow or issue with William Perkins Brunt as his heir at law; - death of Thomas Perkins Brunt, testator's third son in 1869 intestate leaving a widow Caroline Brunt and 4 children of whom William Brunt was eldest and heir at law; - Mary Ann Brunt, testator's 4th child was married to William White and died on 16 Nov 1879 leaving her husband and 5 children of whom William White was eldest son and heir at law; - Sarah Brunt, testator's 5th child married James Race and died on 11 Apr 1861 leaving her husband and her eldest child and heir at law James Samuel Race; - death of James Race on 28 Feb 1864; - death of James Samuel Race on 25 Oct 1867 leaving 2 children Elizabeth Sarah and Alice Maud Mary, wife of [blank] Bell as joint heirs; - death of testator's son John Brunt on 2 Aug 1871, his will devising his moiety equally to his two daughters Eliza Perkins and Mary Larkins Perkins; - death of Eliza Perkins and devise of her moiety, by her will, equally to her two daughters Helen Perkins and Emma Perkins Operative Part: - (1) conveyed (a)-(b) to (2) Property: (a) 2 cottages with gardens in front in Shortmead Street, Biggleswade bounded: N by property of Mary Ann Edwards; E by harden land of Hannah Walker; W by Shortmead Street; S by property of Mary Larkins Perkins in occupation of Widow Gray and Widow Pepper to which William Brunt was admitted on 4-5 Apr 1815 on surrender of John Mardall; (b) 5 cottages in Back Street, Biggleswade with joint use of large yard known as Palace Yard bounded: N by Back Street; E by property late of Samuel Taylor; W by Palace Street; S by Police Station; in occupation of Widow Reynolds, Thomas Housden, William Rawlins, Widow Cheeseman and George Rawlins to which William Brunt was admitted on 21-22 Oct 1806 on surrender of Charles Barnett Schedule of ownership of (a)-(b) - one moiety: Louisa Allen of 52 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, widow of William Brunt, eldest son on William Brunt, son of testator William Brunt (dower in 3/7ths); Sarah Ann Brunt, widow of William Brunt, eldest son of William Brunt, grandson of William Brunt the testator (dower in 4/7th subject to Louisa Allen's prior claim); William Perkins Brunt (4/7ths); Caroline Brunt, widow of Thomas Perkins Brunt of Cambridge, grandson of William Brunt the testator (dower in 1/7th); William Brunt of Old Barn Inn, High Street, Chatham [Kent], eldest son of Thomas Perkins Brunt, grandson of William Brunt the testator (subject to mother's dower of 1/7th); William White of Biggleswade, husband of Mary Ann White (interest in 1/7th); William White of Bunyan Road, Hitchin [Hertfordshire], eldest son of Mary Ann White, granddaughter of William Brunt the testator (subject to father's interest in 1/7th); Elizabeth Sarah Race and Alice Maud Mary Bell, co-heiresses of Sarah Race, granddaughter of William Brunt the testator (1/7th); - other moiety: Helen Perkins (1/4th); Emma Perkins (1/4th); Mary Larkins Perkins (1/2)
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