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    Abstract of Title of David Cripps Preston to freehold land situated between Bromham Road and Ford End Road, Bedford, St.Paul, called The Queens Park Building Esate [compiled by Jessop & Son of Bedford, solicitors].
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    From: 1728 To: 1888
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    (I) Lease and release by way of conveyance of 23 & 24 Oct 1809 Parties: (i) Edward Hampson of Baldock [Hertfordshire], esquire; (ii) Leonard Hampson of Luton, esquire and Frances his wife (late Frances Smith, spinster); (iii) John Thomas Dawson of Bedford, esquire; (iv) Thomas Gadsby of Wootton, clerk [in holy orders] Reciting: - indentures of lease and release by way of mortgage of 11 & 12 Mar 1781 in which John Bradshaw of Luton, yeoman, lent 500 to John Hawes of Barton in the Clay, esquire (only son and heir and devisee in will of Thomas Hawes, late of Bedford, esquire by Judith, his wife, both deceased) secured on 182 acres of land in Bedford with tithes etc., then in occupation of Thomas Field; - lease and release by way of marriage settlement of 28 & 29 Jun 1786 BETWEEN: (1) John Hawes; (2) Mary Smith of Cardington, widow (only surviving sister of John Hawes) and Frances Smith of Cardington, spinster (daughter and only child of Mary Smith by Rev.William Smith, deceased); (3) Leonard Hampson; (4) Rev.John Smith of Muttishall [Norfolk] and Edward Hampson; OPERATIVE PART: in consideration of intended marriage of Leonard Hampson and Frances Smith, (1) released the 182 acres in bedford, subject to mortgage, to (4) to use of (1) until the marriage, to use of (1) for his life, to use of Mary Smith for her life, to use of survivor of (1) and Mary Smith, to use (3) for his life, to use of Frances Smith for her life, to use of (4) upon trust to support and preserve contingent uses, to use of children of (3) and Frances Smith as tenants in common; with power of sale to (4) with approval of (1), (2) and (3); - lease and release by way of assignment of mortgage of 11 & 12 Mar 1789 from John Bradshaw to Leonard Hampson on Hampson's payment of 500 to Bradshaw; - Inclosure Act of Bedford St.Peter, St.Paul and St.Cuthbert and direction for exoneration of all lands affected from tithes; - Inclosure Award of 12 Jun 1797 for Bedford St.Peter, St.Paul and St.Cuthbert awarding to John Hawes, amongst others, 61a 0r 28p in Bedford, St.Paul bounded: N by road from Bedford to Bromham; part E by first allotment to John, Earl of Ashburnham; part E by old inclosure of John, Earl of Ashburnham; S by road from Bedford to Ford End; W by second allotment to John Humfrey, clerk; - John Hawes, Mary Smith and Rev.John Smith were all dead Operative Part: - (iii) paid 5,000 to (i) with consent of (ii); - (iii) paid 10/- to (ii); - (ii) made void all all uses, estates etc. created by indenture of 29 Jun 1786; - (ii) granted that (a)-(b) should remain, continue and be to several uses described in Habendum; - (i), at request of (ii), released (a)-(b) to (iii) Property: (a) 21a 0r 22p in Bedford, St.Paul; (b) 16a 2r 27p adjoining (a) Habendum: - to (iii) to use of (iii) to use of (iv) in trust for (iii) to use of (iii) Covenant: - (ii) to produce deeds in schedule to (iii) on request Schedule of Deeds: - 25 & 26 Nov 1728 - lease and release (1) Thomas Hawes; (2) Thomas Wilks and Judith Wilks, spinster (youngest daughter of Thomas Wilks); (3) Francis Jessop and Thomas Cave; - 17 & 18 Oct 1737 - lease and release (1) Thomas Hawes; (2) John Woodham; - 24 & 25 Sep 1742 - lease and release (1) John Woodham; (2) Francis Jessop, Thomas Cave and Humphrey Dell, doctor in physic; (3) Edward Cobden, Doctor of Divinity; - 29 7 30 Jan 1752 - lease and release (1) John Hawes; (2) Edward Cobden; - 27 & 28 Feb 1765 - lease and release (1) Edward Cobden; (2) John Curyer, William Lucas and William Croucher; (3) John Hawes, William Smith and Mary his wife; (4) William Webb; (5) John Simpson; - Easter 5 Geo.III - fine (1) William Webb; (2) John Hawes, William Smith and Mary his wife, Mergison Newton, clerk and Judith his wife; - 1 & 2 Feb 1781 - lease and release (1) John Simpson; (2) John Hawes; - 11 & 12 Mar 1781 - lease and release (1) John Hawes; (2) John Bradshaw; - 6 Apr 1782 - release by William Smith, Mary his wife and Frances Smith; - 6 Apr 1782 - release by John Newton; - 28 & 29 Jun 1786 - lease and release 91) John hawes; (2) Mary Smith and Frances Smith, her daughter; (3) Leonard Hampson; (4) Rev.John Smith and Edward Hampson; - 11 & 12 Mar 1789 - lease and release (1) John Bradshaw; 92) Leonard Hampson (II) Death of John Thomas Dawson at Clapham on 9 May 1850 leaving John Frederic Dawson, his eldest son (III) Letters of administration of 22 Jun 1850 of personal estate of John Thomas Dawson granted to John Frederic Dawson in PCC (IV) Will of 1 Mar 1870 of John Frederic Dawson: - appointing guardians of his infant children; - appointing Rev.Richard William Fitzpatrick of Bedford and Henry Wilson Sharpin of Bedford, surgeon as trustees; - devising all real estate vested in him as trustee or mortgagee to his trustees; - bequeathing personal estate; - devising a house in Vernon Terrace, Brighton [Sussex]; - devising all his other real estate to his trustees upon trust: to pay an annuity of 200 form rents, profits etc. to his son William Henry Dawson; to manage his estate as they saw fit, paying residue of profits, rents etc. to his wife during her widowhood; to sell and invest in stocks etc.; - declaring if no child of his should acquire an absolute interest uner the trusts then on death or remarriage of his widow, or death of the last child, whichever happened last, the trustees should stand possessed of the real estate in trust to pay annual income to William Henry Dawson and testator's daughter Ada Eliza, wife of Henry Fuller in equal parts (V) death of John Frederic Dawson at Clapham on 11 Oct 1870 (VI) proof of will of John Frederic Dawson in Northampton DPR on 12 Nov 1870 (VII) receipt of 2 Aug 1871 for 7/17/6 - first payment of duty (Register CD No.1876 Fo.1096) on succession of William Henry Dawson to annuity of 200 (VIII) receipt of 15 Aug 1872 for 7/17/6 second payment of succession duty (IX) receipt of 30 Oct 1873 for 7/17/6 third payment of succession duty (X) receipt of 15 Oct 1874 for 7/17/6 fourth payment of succession duty (XI) death of Richard William Fitzpatrick at Bedford on 4 Jan 1871 (XII) Indenture of 1 Oct 1873 appointing Rev.Jeremiah William Haddock, Vicar of Clapham to replace Richard William Fitzpatrick, deceased, as trustee of will of John Frederic Dawson; reciting that pecuniary legacies had all been paid except 19/9/0 each to Hester Ada Fuller and Henry Foster Fuller, who were still minors (XIII) conveyance of 29 Sep 1887 from Henry Wilson Sharpin and Rev.Jeremiah William Haddock to David Cripps Preston of Willington Lodge, Nunhead Junction [Surrey], esquire, (with agreement of Alice Dawson of Vernon Terrace, Brighton [Sussex], widow) for 8,300/17/6 of land with messuage, farmhouse etc. containing 37a 2r 37p in Bedford St.Paul (described in (I) as land of 21a 0r 22p and 16a 2r 27p) bounded: NW, N and part NE by road from Bedford to Bromham; part NE, small part S and E by rest of 61a 0r 28p awarded to John Hawes at Inclosure, since belonging to Leonard and Frances Hampson, then to representatives of late Robert Elliott; part S by road from Bedford to Ford End, Biddenham; W by allotment to John Humphrey, clerk, as Prebend of Lincoln, then belonging to devisees of John William Coventry Campion; the land being in occupation of William Davey [shown on included plan]; with acknowledgement of right to production of deeds comprising (VII)-(X) and (XII) above
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