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    Lists of incumbents of parishes and other religious officials of the established church compiled by Bedfordshire Records Office staff in the 1950/60s. These lists have been copied into the ADLIB system with the minimum of editing, the major effort being to bring the lists up to date to the year 2000. The early dating followed can be confusing - usually the old system has been used, i.e. before 1751 the new year began on 1 April not 1 Jan so 2 Mar 1175 in actually 2 Mar 1176 by modern reckoning. It is unknown whether this was applied consistently to the old lists and so dates have been left unchanged except where it is obvious that the old reckoning was used (e.g. incumbent 6 on the list was instituted on 4 May 1300 and his predecessor is recorded as being instituted on 3 Jan 1300)
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